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8 Colour Trends That Are Going to Dominate the Rest of 2022!

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

If you pay attention to the fashion press, you'll already know that pink will be one of the season's hottest hues.

And not just blush pink—instead, picture the brightest shocking pink you can imagine. There you go. But the fun doesn't stop there! There's also a shade of impossibly striking blue that fashion people will LOVE with over the next few months, as well as a stylish update on summer's obsession with Lime.

However, sitting alongside them are some incredibly hot and versatile tones that, when you wear them, will make you look million dollars. Last colour is the most interesting one it is the most classic yet most 'boring' choice of all!

So without further delay, scroll on to see the eight top colours inspired from the runways. Then shop my favourite pieces for each trend.


Style Notes: This vibrant colour made the most prominent appearances at several big names on the Runway - enigmatic detailed ruffles at Bottega Veneta, layered dresses at Alexander Mcqueen, Florals at Erdem, Accessories at Prada or punk touches at Lorenzo Serafini. Just prepare to be wowed with these bright colours everywhere on the high street soon. Certainly a colour to add to your wardrobe, or if you want to play it safe with little soft touches, why not start with a cotton cord necklace from our designer collection!


Style Notes: I've been crazy about fashion for over 20 years now, and I guarantee that every single year—mmm, every single season—blue has been prevalent in one way or another. For 2022, it's all about vibrant Azure Blue, a tone commonly associated with the warmer months but that designers have re-imagined. Noted at Alberta Ferretti, the glamour quotient was up a notch with textural, saturated Azure Blue based on fantasy! Or a light touch of net at Gucci!


Style Notes: I'm a regular in my ice-cream shop (for my son!), and while I'm always tempted to try the new and fantastical flavours on offer, there's no beating a classic vanilla. The same, it seems, applies to fashion. Instead of blinding-white tones, designers are currently favouring more palatable shades of creamy, downright-delicious ecru. Giambattista Valli, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, all found inspiration in this shade. Not only is this colour timeless and versatile, but it also looks super expensive on a budget. Oh, and just for the record, my son is definitely a two-scoop kind of person.


Style Notes: Fashion world is finding a new found love in the classic red with a dark twist. Think of more of a mix between pure red and burgundy. A striking shade that is still elegant and ever fashionable. Noticed at Prenza Schouler, Alexander Mcqueen (my favourite!), Lowe (Mighty Fine Red Balloons) and at Supriya Lele (New Designer!).

Update your little black dress with a red clutch and a red Cotton choker!


Style Notes: Surprised!! Well we are. But I would be remiss not to mention the iridescent fresh mint that fluttered down the runway. That's right, fluttered. This season, delicate fresh mint reign at Erdem, Gucci (think of more of a darker shade!) Fendi etc. With the subtle hue giving more dimension and softness to metallic pieces. Although every colour in the rainbow is being explored for autumn/winter 2022, the impossibly light pale pastel tones were most impactful, as well as never-date gold and silver.


Style Notes: A common theme this season is borrowing summer's top colour trends and making them work for autumn. Take yellow—turning the saturation down a smidgen and upping the red undertones, you get this beautiful ochre shade.

Designers like Isabel Marant adapted this colour in knits, SAINT LAURENT in accessories, and Gucci in heavily embellished coats. Wherever you look, every magazine will be swashed with this beautiful autumn shade.


Style Notes: Every other designer had this stunning shade to blind your eyes. From Stella Mccartney to Ahluwalia to Channel... used this shade of different variations on oversized coats, long flowing gowns, 80s-inspired high octane midis to sculptured sequins. Ruffles to nets to satin to tweed, we have this winner colour all over the runway. Go all out with a shocking pink combo or adapt to the trend with our statement bright necklaces!

Last but not the least...


Style Notes: Are you surprised, I am!A rich canary yellow made the runway go envy with 'green'. With the power dressing craze gripping the fashion world, this colour offered a soothing reprieve. It's a gentler kind of dressing, rooted in femininity. A stunning gown with flower laces, orange mixed at Dior, structured shapes at Roksanda and asymmetrically tying stretch Georgette tops at Supriya Lele. Add this stunning colour with easy lightweight accessories from our handmade necklaces.

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