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As a creative, I'm always attracted to items that reflect my personality and outlook. Self-expression is a gift and so when I created my products I wanted to make sustainable items that reflected joy and optimism.

However, I also wanted to go one step further and offer the option to make my products even more personal, by allowing customers to adapt them to reflect their personalities. If you have fallen for one of my designs but there is some way in which I can perfect it for you then please use the below form to get in touch. 


Here are some of my customisable products:

Custom Rita Design.jpg

Custom Jewellery

Most of our jewellery is made to order and when doing so you should be able to select your colour preference from a variety of colour options.

However, I am also able to adapt many other features of my jewellery including length and colour combinations that might not be listed. Please fill in the below form to make special requests.

Custom Home Decor

Handmade By Tinni create beautiful word art for their homes. Now, there are plenty of art options on the market for word art, but what I offer is an opportunity to personalise what you display on the walls and shelves of your home.

Choose something personal to you, or a loved one if you're buying as a gift, by getting a knitted word of your choice for your home decor.

Many Handmade By Tinni customers use my word art option to create beautiful name signs for the walls of their children's bedrooms.

Bespoke Designs by Handmade by Tinni (2).jpg

Custom Word Necklaces

If you're going to make a statement with your jewellery, then isn't it even better if it's your statement?

Handmade By Tinni create bespoke cotton word necklaces and are able to craft these in any word you choose. Perhaps something that reflects your character or something that will lift your mood on a dull day?

Let me know how you'd like to greet the world!

Please contact us for any questions related to Customisation or Future Collaborations etc.

Dino Necklace (1).jpg

Bespoke Design Service: What to Expect?

I welcome you to read this BLOG that I have written to make my products even more personal, by allowing customers to adapt them to reflect their personalities. This is the best part of shopping from a small creative business. We are lot more flexible with your personal requests.

Custom Designs by Handmade by Tinni (4).jpg
Flowers Pattern

"Absolutely beautiful necklace - the colour is stunning. I can’t wait to wear it!
The necklace arrived quickly, very well packaged and with a lovely note. The seller sent the nicest messages, keeping me updated on my order and her customer service was second to none. Recommend highly!"

- Etsy Reviewer

Customisable Products

Customise My Item

Thanks for submitting!

Flowers Pattern
Colour Chart - 1200 by 1200.png

Colour Spreads Joy

Our handmade ethical jewellery is available in twenty eight colours of cotton rope!

We strongly believe in the power of colour at Handmade by Tinni. Just pick your colour and choose any of the designs on this page. Our only goal is to make you shine in your favourite colour or two. Why don't you check out our curated gifts collection too!

We know that everyone has a colour or two, so we've curated a full array of colours to suit all your choices. From Fuchsia to Azure Blue to Forest Green to Amber, just give us your favourite colour and pick any of the designs on this page. Our range of handmade cotton necklaces leaves no colour-lover behind with twenty eight colour options to choose from.

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