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My Eco-Friendly Shop

My eco-friendly jewellery and home decor collections are full of handmade items created by me, Tinni. There's a lot of my personal style in here - bright colours, bold designs, unique shapes - all created to illuminate happiness and bring joy.

Everything in my eco-friendly shop is handmade using sustainable materials wherever possible. I chose cotton for my jewellery and personalised wall signs because cotton is biodegradable.

What's more, your purchases help us to support Ecologi in planting more trees and tackling deforestation. So we can help protect our planet and look fabulous doing so!

handmade by tinni tina knowles photography-4209.jpg

Handmade Statement Earrings

Rainbow Accessories to gift! 
The most giftable fabulous earrings for your colour loving friend!
Bring Out Your Bold!


- Valerie, Etsy Review

- Valerie, Etsy Review

This turned out to be a unique, delightful gift to a family with a newborn. It was a quality product of good value. I have also purchased some of the necklaces and they are equally pleasing.

(AND I couldn't believe how
quickly they came!)

- Valerie, Etsy Review

Beautiful necklace, it’s just as described. I’ve been wanting one of these for a while.

I’m happy I brought it. Tinni always kept me informed.

Wow! Purchased 3 necklaces from this very talented lady. Absolutely love them all. Bold, vibrant, gorgeous and well made.

Have worn them all and had so many people commenting on them.


Thank you.

- Holly, Etsy Review

- Lindsey, Etsy Review

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