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Eco-Friendly Christmas  Home Decor

Our original and statement handmade Christmas decorations, made from sustainable cotton.

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Bold, Beautiful & Sustainable

Hi, I’m Paulomi and I’m a textile jewellery designer and maker. I create colourful, bold pieces of jewellery & knitted home decor signs with organic cotton rope and yarn.


I believe jewellery has the power to bring joy to our day. This is why I design colourful handmade statement jewellery that has the ability to lift both your outfit and your mood.


You can also feel proud in the knowledge that all of my designs are handmade, sustainable, and unique.

Handmade by Tinni Creator Paulomi

Our unique and joyful handmade earring collections, made from sustainable cotton.

For handmade statement jewellery, look no further than our colourful bold knitted necklaces.