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10 reasons to attend StartUp 2022 UK - By Paulomi Debnath as a Freelance Speaker!

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

StartUp 2022 is the UK’s biggest and best show for small business owners and budding entrepreneurs. It’s a chance for discovery, learning and inspiration, where experts across 11 virtual stages have an opportunity to share their expertise on Friday 21 January.

From fundraising to social media, sustainability to branding, StartUp 2022 has something for everyone, with over 100 speakers confirmed to appear at the event.

Best part is, our Founder Paulomi Debnath will be hosting a session on ''A guide to starting your business while you're still employed'' on 21st of January at 11am.

1. Dive into a bonanza of thrilling case studies

StartUp 2022’s Keynote stage features some of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs and business minds, including The Purposeful Project’s Simon Squibb and Sculpd’s Matt Clements and LoveRaw Vegan Chocolate co-founders Rimi and Manav Thapar.

After being kicked off by Small Business Minister Paul Scully MP, the Keynote stage is where many ticket holders will enjoy tales of trials and tribulations from some of the event’s marquee speakers.

2. Hear from industry-leading experts about all things starting up

Looking to start a business in the world of food? Perhaps you’re an aspiring fashion guru? Or maybe your heart lies within the tech industry?

The Start Me Up stage addresses, as you might have guessed, the key considerations for potential entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground.

Handmade by Tinni Founder Paulomi Debnath will be hosting a session on ''A guide to starting your business while you're still employed'' on 21st of January at 11am.

3. Get a grasp of the essentials

The Business Essentials stage will cover ground that can alleviate headaches for business owners up and down the country.

Planning, productivity and legality form the absolute crux of any small business, which is why the conveyer belt of great minds gracing this stage across the six hours aren’t to be missed.

4. Stay on top of the latest trends at The Digital Zone stage

Keeping your small business digitally savvy is always challenging, but never fear, The Digital Zone is here.

SEO, digital marketing tools and cyber security are ever-changing beasts, which can create tricky barriers for your business if mismanaged, which is why this stage is set to be a popular one.

5. Turn yourself into a social media authority

Love it or loathe it, social media is a massively powerful marketing tool, which is why the experts appearing on the Let’s Get Social stage are set to receive bumper audiences.

Setting up a social media strategy is cheap and effective, but with almost every small business across the UK desperate to take advantage of its powers, now is the time to get ahead of the competition.

If you want some inspiration, feel free to show some love on our social media here -

(we promise to fill your feed with engaging content.

6. Learn how to generate funds from multiple sources

Are you looking to raise money for your business? Whether you’re want to increase staff numbers, invest in capital or bolster the marketing budget, being on top of fundraising will be of great benefit.

Identifying areas of opportunity for raising money for your business is covered by the Show Me the Money stage speakers, as well as executing pitches and loan applications.

7. Ensure you’re conducting your business responsibly

Arguably the most important stage, our Business with Purpose speakers tackle a number of pertinent topics, including: diversity & inclusion, online safety, sustainability and mental well being.

SMEs rarely thrive if they’re not run in a healthy way, making our Business with Purpose stage’s areas of focus all the more salient.

If you want to know more about our sustainable story, please read here on how we have embraced ethical fashion in our philosophy.

8. Freelancer? Discover your full potential

Freelancing can be daunting and at times unforgiving. Fortunately, The Freelance Zone stage is dedicated to you lone rangers in business.

A lot of ground will be covered here, from building your personal brand to marketing your freelance services, so get involved!

This is where Paulomi Debnath will be hosting an impactful session on ''A guide to starting your business while you're still employed''.

9. Become a branding buff

For those with creative minds, the Build a Business Stage might tickle your fancy.

Building a meaningful brand through storytelling and PR is a wonderfully rewarding pursuit, with our inspiring set of speakers setting the benchmark for this particular endeavour.

10. Take inspiration from Amazon’s experts

Amazon’s association with Enterprise Nation through their Small Business Accelerator proved immensely popular in 2021, and their stage at StartUp 2022 is packed with superb content.

Small business owners who have achieved sales success through Amazon marketplace will be sharing their experiences and advice.

Original blog written here by Enterprise Nation.

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