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Interviews & Profile Features for Handmade by Tinni in 2024!

Updated: Jun 10

Interviews/ Features / Guest Blogs

We belong to this incredible creative community and have been blessed with some amazing interviews and features that covers our journey. Grateful and truly humbled.

Many of these interviews cover my design journey so far and they love that my brand is all about sustainability and vibrant, bold colour. Some also find it inspiring that I founded my brand, in 2020 just before the pandemic hit! I have also used my voice related to topics close to my heart, like sustainability, circular fashion, colour love & bringing joy and colour in people's life. Rarely but surely I have also been featured for my varied interests and hobbies when they have captured the imagination of British press.

Handmade by Tinni was launched to address the lack of colourful, fun biodegradable jewellery for fashionistas who love expressing their personality with unusual, statement jewellery pieces. We want our designs to bring joy, inspire confidence and encourage ethical living.

Some if these features focus on the traditional art-form of our designs that is the art of traditional rope knotting crafts and processes like macramé which we specilise to create colourful, unique and bold designs.

Here are some of the highlights:

(in order of published dates)

Dated: January 1st 2024

By Woman's Own Magazine

Featured on Woman's Own Magazine focusing on my incredible postal stamp collection.

It was great to chat with the journalist and sharing my journey spanning over 3 decades!

I was inspired my my mum who is / was a collector and her collection (now mine) included postal stamps from British Raj in pre-independence India!

Dated: January 5th 2024

By Lauren Thompson at Creoate | Blog

Creoate is a curated site where you can discover and buy unique wholesale products online at Creoate. Shop wholesale homeware, home decor products, jewellery, fashion accessories, stationery, gifts, food, drinks, kids and baby products etc. from thousands of independent wholesale vendors.

Crafting Conscious & Sustainable Style with Handmade by Tinni:

Meet Paulomi Debnath, the visionary behind Handmade by Tinni. We join her in the tangle as she ties the knot on yet another successful year in business with her sustainable jewellery and accessory brand. Crafting vibrant pieces from organic cotton in her London Studio, join us as we dive into the colourful world of Handmade by Tinni, where style meets sustainability in a tapestry of contemporary textile design.

Dated: January 16th 2024

By BBC one: Money for Nothing

Hosted by Sarah Moore

My lovely customer & stockist, Juliette from Quirky Boutique & Vintage LOOE, Cornwall was featured as she scooped up a stunning up-cycled vintage dresser and she was flaunting my 'Love Necklace' in canary Yellow.

How lovely does she look!

Quirky is a heaven for colour lovers and if you are looking for 'quirky' fashion, I would highly recommend Juliette and her beautiful shop. She offers online shopping too. I absolutely love her vibrant fashion and personality!

Thank you Juliette for loving my designs and glowing in the 'love necklace'.

Extra thank you to my lovely friend and valued customer Trisha Dowdall, who spotted my necklace on this show and nudged me straight away. Love you.

What a pleasant surprise on my Birthday week!

Dated: January 18th 2024

By My Weekly Special Magazine

My Weekly Special magazine is the perfect accompaniment to My Weekly! The Specials are packed full with all the exciting stories and features that our readers enjoy!

I was featured as the Founder & Artist at Handmade by Tinni with our personal love story. Being featured on my birthday, was special!

Dated: January 23, 2024

By The Telegraph (Money Section)

The Telegraph covered my personal story on remortgage in their 'Money' section and worked on a good profile story. It was read by their community of reader and thousands of viewers.

Dated: January 27, 2024

By The Daily Telegraph (Print Version)

The Telegraph covered my personal story on remortgage in their 'Money' section and worked on a good profile story. It was read by their community of reader and thousands of viewers.

Dated: February 7th, 2024

By ITV Regional News

On ITV news on 11 regional channels.

Nick Smith, journalist at ITV came to our home studio to interview me on my views regarding the wider effect of ’new’ tax rules around Vinted. We chatted about the confusion among normal people and the possible environmental impact it might have.

The images are snippets from that interview on air.

Dated: March 2024

By Chat Passion

Chat Passion magazine featured my designs in their March issue as a 'Bright & Bold' designer jewellery alternative to big brand store purchases.

They used 4 product images including:

Dated: 12th March 2024

By Woman's Own

Woman's Own covered my personal love story of under the heading of 'Opposites Really Do Attract!' . We have contrasting likes and dislikes but we are smashing it as a couple proving the popular belief that is the heading of this topic.

Lighthearted reading and the journalist also list my brand in the write-up.

Thank you.

Dated: April 15th, 2024

By i Newspaper

Handmade by Tinni mentioned in the i-Newspaper for property investment write-up.

Read Here - LINK

Dated: 29th of May 2024

I did something awesome! 

I said yes to become a real life fashion model for when Fabulous Magazine!

Totally out of my comfort zone but what fun and honour to be apart of this campaign.

Thank you Fabulous Magazine and This is Unfolded. The fuller bust collection is out!

The biggest surprise— one of the FAB dress is named after me - Paulomi

And off course all the jewellery I wore were from my textile jewellery collection. Handmade by Tinni.

Link to shop - HERE

(I have no commercial gain apart being proud to be part of this fashion forward community)

Dated: 9th June 2024

By Sun Online (Money) and

Sun newspaper Sunday Money section (dated 9th June 2024)

Sun Newspaper and Sun Online covered my interview on Global Money Cards and how beneficial they are when travelling abroad!

I am on the main page as well as featured on the write-up here, including my profile image, business name and link.

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