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5 Ways to bring holiday joy to small businesses!

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Christmas is a time of celebration, family and giving. We bond over family traditions, enjoy to hours of doing nothing and fight over the last mince pie. So why not spread the some festive joy to your local small businesses?

Small independent businesses are the driving force in our local economy and contribute immensely to the vibrancy of our neighbourhoods. We all play a part in their survival, especially during challenging economic times. Here are a few ways you can support small businesses in your community during the holiday season and beyond.

Spread the word: Let others know about your favourite businesses by leaving a positive review or testimonial on their website, or like and share their content on social media. Word of mouth referrals are a great way to drum up support for small businesses.

For Example, I would be dancing around the entire house if you add a lovely review on my Google Page. Here.

Commit to purchasing gifts locally: Attend local artisan fairs, shop at main street businesses or on their e-commerce websites. Not sure what to buy someone? Purchasing a gift card is a great way to ensure your loved ones can pick out a unique local product.

Here are some a great resources for you to discover your local markets or craft fairs -


Read my interview on Pedddle UK. You will be surprised with my lack of 'professional art' background.

Reach out: Connect with local independent businesses by subscribing to businesses’ social media, emails and newsletters. Keeping abreast of sales and new product offerings means you’re more likely to shop at those businesses.

Apologies for sharing my own social media here and I would love to meet you there too.

And you are very welcome to join my Colour Newsletter where I share regular dose of joy and occasional special discounts!

Order takeout: Even if you’re not keen on dining indoors right now, ordering takeout from your favourite local restaurant or caterer is a great way to continue supporting food and beverage businesses. Third party delivery apps provide convenience but often charge high fees to restaurants, so consider ordering direct from the restaurant if you can.

Discover unique experiences: Many businesses offer workshops and classes such as creative art studios, music lessons, cooking and nutrition lessons, fitness classes, and more. Participating in events and workshops helps you stay connected to these businesses and build a community around their services.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below -


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