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9 Best Marketplaces to sell Handmade Products Online

9 Best Marketplaces to sell Handmade Products Online!

Hi there! I'm Paulomi, a textile jewellery designer and the founder of Handmade by Tinni. I've been selling my handmade products online for years now, and I'm excited to share my personal list of the 9 best marketplaces to sell handmade products with you.

Before we get started, I want to assure you that my recommendations are based solely on my personal experience and that of my maker friends. I have no promotional or financial ties to any of the marketplaces on this list, so you can trust that my opinions are honest and unbiased.


So why should you trust me? Well, as a maker myself, I've been through the ups and downs of selling handmade products online. I have a passion for color and bold designs, which shines through in my statement jewelry made from cotton rope using macrame and knot work techniques.

Aside from running my business, I've been recognized for my entrepreneurial spirit and small business acumen by various organizations, including the f:Entrepreneur 'ialso100' campaign managed by Small Business Britain, Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday, Holly & Co, Small Business Saturday UK, and Elite Business Media.

This is my personal journal on the '9 Best Marketplaces to sell Handmade Products Online'.

Hope you will learn from my experience and choose the right ones for your craft business. Kindly do come back and let me know if any of my pointers, helped you in any way.

I do not make any money from writing this blog so would be happy to be rewarded with your kindness!

And I promise to give you my honest opinion about each!

  • Some are very small, niche online web shops

  • Few are very ethical websites and few are extremely commercial ones

  • Some sites selling crafts, design, textiles, stationery, homewares, giftware, art and fashion accessories; and few sites promoting the services of small designers, makers, and illustrators.

Many of the online shops you will already know, but I have also included some lovely new and lesser-known gems in here, so check it out and explore. Either to sell your own handmade crafts online – maybe to buy some too!

Promoting or selling your crafts online with an established craft website, online market place or online directory is a fantastic way to increase your profile and generate sales throughout the year. But before you start signing up for every marketplace on the list, I want to remind you to do your own research. Make sure a platform is a good fit for your products and target audience, understand any contracts or fees involved, and be prepared to stop using a platform if it's not working for you.

1. ETSY:

My personal favorite and also my first marketplace to sell my designs and textile jewellery.

Etsy is the number one online market place for handmade products. As of 31 December 2022, Etsy had over 100 million items in its marketplace, and the online marketplace for handmade and vintage goods connected 7.5 million sellers with 95.1 million buyers. It’s the best-known global marketplace for unique and creative goods from unique handmade products to vintage treasures. The price point tends to be below £50, and most buyers are still from the USA.

Joining and starting a shop is free, but there are three basic additional fees: a listing fee, a transaction fee, and a payment processing fee. Useful to mention is that Etsy sellers can also take part in regular regional meetups to meet other Etsy sellers, can get an Etsy shop review and also can take part in events, especially the Etsy Made Local events in the run up to Christmas.

The platform generates revenue primarily from three streams: its Marketplace revenue includes a fee of 6.5% of final sale value, which an Etsy seller pays for each completed transaction, on top of a listing fee of 20 cents per item; Seller Services, Etsy's fastest growing revenue stream, includes fees for services such as "Promoted Listings", payment processing, and purchases of shipping labels through the platform; while Other revenue includes fees received from third-party payment processors.

Here is my ETSY shop.


The Home of British Craft, founded by the talented James Boardwell in 2008 in the picturesque Peak District, stands as one of the oldest and most welcoming online marketplaces in the United Kingdom. It serves as a hub for over 3,000 independent designers and makers from across the UK, offering a platform for their handmade or designed creations. With a small yet devoted clientele and a strong sense of community among artisans, Folksy embodies the spirit of supporting the underdog, championing the "David not Goliath" ethos in the realm of online handmade product sales.

According to Folksy's records, approximately 85% of their customers reside in the UK, while the remaining 15% come from various corners of the globe. Sellers on Folksy have the option to pay a per-item listing fee or opt for the Folksy Plus account, which grants unlimited free listings in exchange for a commission on sales.

This was my second home to sell my designs and I absolutely love the community. I have even been a Featured Maker on Folksy and I am ever so thankful for the love and support from the Folksy Team. This is a local eCommerce site and I feel with the right amount of marketing budget, they could be a market leader as makers LOVE being on Folksy.


ASOS Marketplace, initially introduced by ASOS in 2010 with a modest group of 20 sellers, has since evolved into the foremost online platform for driven independent fashion, jewellery, and accessory brands, as well as vintage boutiques. It proudly represents over 800 businesses hailing from diverse corners of the world. ASOS Marketplace specifically caters to fashion enthusiasts in their twenties, capturing their vibrant and trendsetting spirit.

To participate on ASOS Marketplace, sellers are subject to a nominal monthly charge along with a 20% commission on all sales. This structure allows businesses to showcase their offerings to a wide audience while benefiting from the platform's extensive reach and influence.

Since joining the team recently, I have noticed that ASOS Marketplace may not have experienced the same level of success as platforms like Etsy or Folksy. However, one notable advantage of ASOS Marketplace is its user-friendly interface, making navigation a breeze. Additionally, the absence of listing fees for products makes it an attractive platform, as it allows sellers to invest their time and effort without incurring additional costs. While it may not have achieved the same level of traction as its competitors, ASOS Marketplace presents an opportunity for sellers to showcase their products and potentially tap into the fashion-forward demographic that frequents the platform.

The Marketplace for Designer Makers

Urban Makers, founded by Ilka Dickens and Julia Redgrove in Bow, East London, has been actively organizing makers markets, pop-up shops, and creative workshops since 2015. You can find their vibrant events at Old Spitalfields Market every Wednesday and on the last weekend of each month. Additionally, they host seasonal makers markets at the Ecology Pavilion in Mile End Park.

The core belief of Urban Makers is to foster and support creative individuals with unique businesses, dreams, and ideas. They have taken great care to curate a diverse range of gifts that not only exhibit beauty but also reflect ethical practices and a commitment to the environment. When you make a purchase through their website, you can rest assured that you are contributing to the growth of independent small businesses, thereby positively impacting our economy.

Ilka and Julia personally review and assess each maker before accepting them onto their site. When I initially applied to showcase my brand during the early stages of its launch, I received valuable feedback from them. They kindly suggested that I improve my brand photography before reapplying. Taking their advice to heart, I worked on enhancing the imagery for my exquisite designs, and as a result, my brand was warmly embraced by Urban Makers.

While Urban Makers primarily caters to a UK-based audience, their following is carefully curated and composed of dedicated enthusiasts. Their influential presence on Instagram enables them to promote emerging designers by offering delightful recommendations to their engaged followers.

It's worth noting that Urban Makers also owns a brick-and-mortar shop located at 347 Roman Road, E3 5QR in East London. As a maker, you have the opportunity to apply for regular stocking in their physical store. Although membership in their online marketplace is not a requirement for being stocked in-store, being featured on their website can undoubtedly be advantageous.

The marketplaces that are on my list now have all garnered enthusiastic recommendations from my fellow makers and crafters within the community. Their outstanding contributions to the craft and handmade market in the UK have been consistently recognized, making them worthy additions to my list of recommendations.

These marketplaces have consistently demonstrated their commitment to the craft and handmade industry in the UK, earning the respect and admiration of makers and crafters alike. Their dedication to supporting independent artists, offering exposure and resources, and showcasing exceptional craftsmanship makes them invaluable platforms for both makers and buyers.

Original designs from all over Great Britain

The British Craft House is a multi-vendor platform for handmade items made in Great Britain. It is application based to ensure the highest quality designs. Each shop gets its own web address making it a viable alternative to getting online without setting up your own website. With all items on the site being of the highest quality it makes for the ultimate shopping experience.

The British Craft House launched in November 2019 and is the best site to sell handmade items on in the UK. Based on the South Coast in Hampshire it quickly grew to become a tour de force in the handmade world. It was selected as just one of 12 businesses across Britain to attend the Downing Street Festive Showcase in 2022, allowing over 200 sellers to be spotlighted in this prestigious location.

I haven't personally been a part of the The British Craft House site, but I had the pleasure of meeting Susan, the brilliant mind behind this remarkable platform, through our shared participation in the Small Business Britain community. Susan's unwavering passion and deep appreciation for British crafts have always impressed me. Both Susan and I have been fortunate enough to be recognized as winners of '#SBS Small Business Sunday' by Theo Paphitis, further solidifying our connections.

During my interactions with Susan and other makers from her marketplace, I was struck by the overwhelming praise they showered upon The British Craft House. They described it as a remarkable niche marketplace that offers a supportive community and excellent exposure for their brands. Hearing such positive feedback compelled me to include The British Craft House on my list of platforms to explore and consider.

One aspect that sets The British Craft House apart is Susan's commitment to providing exceptional press coverage for the brands featured on her site. This additional exposure can be immensely valuable for small businesses seeking to increase their visibility and reach a broader audience. With Susan's dedication and support, it is definitely worth giving The British Craft House a try for any aspiring maker or small business owner.

And so to Shop is a vibrant collective of small business owners who have come together to create a positive and supportive community. Their shared goal is to provide a platform where independent British designers, creatives, artisans, and purveyors can showcase and sell their unique and personalized treasures. This online indie marketplace offers a delightful array of treats, ranging from charming gifts for nana's birthday to Instagram-worthy prints, fashionable mama clobber, and swoon-worthy wedding veils.

Every item purchased through And so to Shop is sent directly from an independent British business. This direct connection brings immeasurable joy to the makers, evoking such happiness that they can't help but break into a little happy dance (yes, there's video evidence to back it up!). The team at And so to Shop is immensely grateful for each and every customer who chooses to think small and support local businesses. By making such choices, these customers are not only bringing happiness to the sellers but also contributing to making dreams come true and making the world a better place. It's safe to say that they are regarded as heroes in the eyes of And so to Shop.

And so to Shop extends their heartfelt appreciation, adorned with glitter and topped with a cherry, to all those who embrace their marketplace and shop with them. Their commitment to supporting independent businesses and fostering a sense of community is at the core of their mission. With every purchase, customers become part of this uplifting movement, fueling the aspirations of small business owners and leaving a positive impact on the world.

Made by Hand Online is a meticulously curated website that showcases a diverse collection of high-end contemporary crafts from across the UK. With over 150 talented designer-makers represented, including renowned textile artist Dionne Swift, skilled ceramicists Jill Shaddock and Katie Almond, and accomplished wood artist Sally Burnett, the platform offers a rich assortment of creative products. Visitors to the website have the opportunity to purchase these exquisite items directly or even commission personalized pieces.

In addition to being a marketplace, serves as a vibrant community that brings together a carefully selected group of makers from various regions of the UK. This community not only celebrates the unique creations of these talented individuals but also provides valuable resources for both makers and the general public who have a keen interest in crafts. The platform offers a wealth of information, fostering a deeper understanding of the craft-making process and the stories behind each artist's work. To support the growth and sustainability of this community, Made by Hand Online operates on a membership model. Makers have the option to become annual members, with a nominal fee associated, in addition to a commission on all sales and commissions facilitated through the platform. This system enables the continued operation and development of the website, ensuring its ability to promote and showcase exceptional craftsmanship.

With its careful curation, commitment to promoting makers and their stories, and emphasis on facilitating connections between artists and buyers, Made by Hand Online stands as a remarkable platform for appreciating and acquiring high-quality contemporary crafts from the UK.

I only have a small listing on their online maker directory to promote my brand. 8. HANDMADE IN BRITAIN:

For many years, Handmade in Britain has played a vital role in supporting and promoting the finest contemporary and traditional design and craft talent across the UK. Through their organizing of fairs and events, this esteemed organization has created opportunities for artisans to showcase their work to a wide audience.

In addition to their physical events, Handmade in Britain operates an online marketplace that features the creations of over 100 emerging and well-known designer-makers. The association with the highly respected Handmade in Britain brand, along with targeted marketing efforts to their extensive client base, provides online sellers with valuable exposure and increased credibility.

Applications to join the marketplace are welcomed from talented designer-makers and visual artists based in the UK. The platform embraces a diverse range of artistic mediums, including furniture, metalwork, sculpture, jewelry, ceramics, glass, textiles, printmaking, woodworking, paper craft, and mixed media. Notably, there are no application or monthly fees associated with joining the marketplace; instead, a regular commission fee is applied to sales.

By creating a space where artisans can showcase their creations and connect with a discerning audience, Handmade in Britain has become a trusted platform within the craft and design community. Their commitment to promoting exceptional craftsmanship and providing a supportive marketplace environment is evident through their efforts and dedication.

I hope my own take effectively conveys the significant role that Handmade in Britain plays in supporting and promoting UK-based designer-makers. The organization's fairs, events, and online marketplace serve as invaluable resources for artisans, offering exposure, credibility, and opportunities for growth.

Best place to Buy Sustainable and Ethical Handmade Products

In 2010, brothers Henry and George Graham founded Wolf & Badger, renowned for their premium retail locations in Notting Hill, London, and Soho, New York. With an impressive inventory of over 600 independent fashion, jewelry, accessory, homeware, stationery, and beauty brands, Wolf & Badger has become a destination for those seeking distinctive and standout products.

Creative brands especially for sustainable brands with ethical sourcing credentials have the opportunity to apply for membership to sell their products both in-store and online, with each brand receiving an individually named web page. The Wolf & Badger online platform attracts a substantial monthly traffic of over 200,000 visitors. Being associated with the Wolf & Badger brand can significantly enhance the exposure and visibility of creative brands.

It's important to note that a commission of 35% is applied to sales, and there may be additional monthly fees that could apply to participating brands. However, the potential benefits of showcasing products through Wolf & Badger's esteemed retail locations and high-traffic online platform make it an enticing opportunity for creative brands.

The Graham brothers' vision for Wolf & Badger has created a platform that curates unique and distinctive products, providing independent brands with a valuable outlet to reach a discerning customer base. Through their retail locations and online presence, Wolf & Badger continues to be a driving force in promoting and supporting independent designers and creatives.


I hope my personal list of the 9 best marketplaces to sell handmade products online helps you find the right platform for your craft business. And if you have any recommendations or warnings of your own, please share them in the comments below!


Hi, I’m Paulomi and I am a textile jewellery designer and maker.

Paulomi Debnath - Founder & Artist of a British Design Brand Handmade by Tinni

I am proud to be named as one of the UK’s most inspirational and dynamic female entrepreneurs in 2022 by the f:Entrepreneur ‘#ialso100’ campaign managed by Small Business Britain.

I am also a Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday award winner and my brand has been awarded SmallBiz100 as one of the nation’s 100 most inspiring small firms by the Small Business Saturday UK campaign, as it marks its ten-year anniversary in 2022.

Finally, in 2023, I received my latest recognition and awarded the prestigious #EB100 inclusion and Handmade by Tinni has been named one of the top 100 SME businesses in the UK by Elite Business Media.


Please note that we always suggest that you do your own (thorough) research before you pay any organisation or sign a contract. Check if your product would be suitable for these websites, and check if your price point and ideal client visits and buys from the site. Make sure you understand the contract and how you can stop the contract if necessary.

Is your favourite online website not featured? Got any specific recommendations, updates or warnings (?) about any of the online places to sell handmade crafts, then do let me know in the comments below.



This is Paulomi here

I'm the artist behind this quirky little brand and my blogs are a celebration of colourful handmade crafts and everything in between. Let me know your thoughts on this blog and any new small independent brands that I should know about. 

     Let's spread the colour love!     


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