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Interviews & Profile Features for Handmade by Tinni in 2023!

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Interviews/ Features / Guest Blogs

We belong to this incredible creative community and have been blessed with some amazing interviews and features that covers our journey. Grateful and truly humbled.

Many of these interviews cover my design journey so far and they love that our brand is all about sustainability and vibrant, bold colour. Some also find it inspiring that I founded my brand, in 2020 just before the pandemic hit!

Handmade by Tinni was launched to address the lack of colourful, fun biodegradable jewellery for fashionistas who love expressing their personality with unusual, statement jewellery pieces. We want our designs to bring joy, inspire confidence and encourage ethical living.

Some if these features focus on the traditional art-form of our designs that is the art of traditional rope knotting crafts and processes like macramé which we specilise to create colourful, unique and bold designs.

Here are some of the highlights:

(in order of published dates)

Dated: December 12th, 2023

By World Times Todays

Mentioned on London news publications on our view against the rising cost for postal stamps.

Read here

Dated: November 7th, 2023

Gift Guide Mention of our 'Hearts Necklace' -

'Christmas is a lovely opportunity to pamper new Mums, and to show them that they’re seen and supported, though their evolution into motherhood.

It’s totally normal for new Mums to find it difficult to create the time and energy for some TLC, amid the sleep-deprived whirlwind of new parenthood. Self-care is much needed though, since she’s not only recovering from the physical demands of pregnancy and birth, but also getting to grips with life as a Mum and with a new baby to look after. It’s a steep (and exhausting) learning curve!

So often, the gifts we choose for new Mums are all about their babies; YES those cute little seasonal outfits are totally gorgeous, but I’d really encourage you to go for something nourishing for Mum … not only does she (really) deserve it, but it’s a lovely way to show her that she’s super important too. We’ve picked our top 10 new Mum gifts for this Christmas, all of them designed to make Mums feel seen and cherished by the ones they love.'

Dated: September 9th, 2023

By Women's Own

Featured on Women's Own magazine on a real life debate.

Dated: August 15th, 2023

Topic: The ever-evolving art of the sly London pickpocket!

Over the last year, reports of sleight-of-hand robberies have more than doubled in the capital. But why are we still so fascinated by these dexterous thieves?

''Jewellery maker Paulomi Debnath, 43, was pickpocketed in London this July for the first time after living in the capital for 17 years. ‘It happened on Oxford Street,’ she says. ‘My Mulberry purse with my cards, cash, driving license and most importantly, a sentimental picture, were stolen. It was at & Other Stories near Bond Street tube station.’

Dated: July 12th 2023

Guess who just made it onto the pages of Good Housekeeping magazine, one of the most popular monthly lifestyle magazines in the UK? ME! 🎉

(As the Founder & Artist of my small creative brand Handmade by Tinni)

I’m bursting with excitement and joy as my textile jewelry creations took the spotlight in a fabulous “My First Time” feature. 💎💃 Not only did I get to showcase my artistic talent, but I also had the opportunity to wear my stunning pieces throughout the shoot. Talk about a fashion statement!

A huge thank you to Good Housekeeping for this incredible opportunity. It’s a dream come true to see my work showcased in such a prestigious magazine. 🌟✨


@Good Housekeeping UK

Laura Beckwith - Group Picture Director

@thomrsskovsende - Photographer

@annabelhobbs - Makeup Artist

Never thought I will see myself in a FULL PAGE Feature in a national magazine!!!

I truly believe, this is just the beginning of an amazing journey!

Cannot share the full page due to data integrity but feel free to buy the magazine this month and see for yourself! Or check my instagram page.

I have a Full Page…. !!!!

Dated: July 10th 2023

Topic - Cost of living crisis | Is it ever OK for staff to have a side hustle or second job?

Paulomi's viewpoint -

''And of course, the word itself - side-hustle - could be one that is growing outdated, argues Paulomi Debnath, founder of Handmade by Tinni. "In today's interconnected world of work, the shift away from traditional career paths allows for exploration and diverse experiences. As someone deeply involved in hospitality sales for over two decades, working with esteemed hotel chains, my current role as a 'Team Leader, Global' involves managing international conferences and events.

"Yet, I yearned to express my creativity through handmade jewellery. In 2020, amidst the challenges our generation faced, Handmade By Tinni was born. Balancing my demanding job, family responsibilities, and social life requires skillful juggling, but I refuse to let go of my dreams. My aim is to inspire other aspiring female entrepreneurs, proving that they too can pursue their passions while excelling in all aspects of life."

"I often find myself contemplating whether we undermine the achievements of countless entrepreneurs who successfully balance two careers by labeling one as a mere "side hustle." The term suggests that one job is the primary source of income while the other orbits around it. However, this definition fails to acknowledge the emotional fulfillment and mental happiness that can come from both pursuits. True happiness isn't solely reliant on financial success. In our complex lives filled with multiple facets, emotional fulfillment is just as crucial, if not more. Therefore, I propose redefining the concept of a "side hustle" to give equal focus and recognition to both careers. Both endeavours require commitment and passion, and both deserve to be celebrated.''

Dated: June 30th 2023

The Creative Switch is a podcast for people who have always followed the safe and sensible path in their professional careers yet find themselves yearning for something more. If you're someone who feels unfulfilled due to unexpressed creativity, then you'll want to tune in.

The show is dedicated to exploring how to ignite your creative spark and allow it to flourish in every aspect of your life - whether it's in your career, your hobbies or your daily routine.

Nikki Vallance, host and a switcher herself, switched on her creativity after a successful corporate career to become a published novelist and she’s on a creative crusade to inspire you to do the same.

''If you love your job you don’t have to switch it off to pursue a creative passion. You can have more than one passion. Paulomi Debnath, artist and founder of Handmade by Tinni shares her tips on running this award-winning creative side-hustle alongside her successful hospitality career and why her creative switch differs from others.''

Dated: June 1st 2023

I was interviewed and candidly discussed about my early failures and how that shaped by business journey along with selected few entrepreneurs.

Read here.

'‘You have to fail, to learn’: three entrepreneurs on the value of a business pitch gone wrong''

''Artist Paulomi Debnath’s pitch was in the form of an application to a popular online selling platform. Debnath, 43, from Romford, east London, started her ethical jewellery business Handmade by Tinni in 2020, finding success selling through an online marketplace. That gave her confidence to apply to be listed on another online store. “I got declined almost straight away,” she says. “It was a knock-back. I’m not a traditionally trained artist, so I already felt a bit like an outsider in the artist community, then this affected my confidence too.”

Instead, she focused on the success she had already found. “I said: ‘You know what, I know my craft is good.’ And where I’m not, you learn, you make yourself better. In 2021 I applied again – I was quite a high seller, I had my own website, I felt confident.” This time they requested some products – but eventually she was declined again. Instead of being distressed, Debnath took it as a sign that it wasn’t a natural home for her creations. “I told myself: ‘This is not my place.’” Instead, she focused her efforts on her already-successful platforms as well as building a strong retail wholesale offering.''

Dated: May 19th 2023

By The Telegraph

I was mentioned on the Telegraph regarding a personal story on how I had to sell my car due to ULEZ coming to Greater London.

Dated: May 12th 2023

Interviewed by the Seema Magazine on my designer and entrepreneurial journey the Pioneer series.

Read HERE.

Dated: May 6th 2023

My husband and I are featured on Metro Online under 'What I Own' series and it is such an amazing feature on our new home but also showcasing my brand, creations and workspace.

You can read and see images here.

Dated: May 2nd 2023

By Woman's Own

My brand and I am featured on this fabulous magazine as part of a debate on lifestyle topics. I am unable to share the exact feature but so very grateful for this lovely one page mention with my head-shot & brand name.

Dated: April 24th 2023

By BBC Radio - Everyday Hustle

So excited to share a 60 seconds business update on BBC's Everyday Hustle hosted by Sonya Barlow

It was an amazing opportunity to be offered the spotlight by such an amazing platform. I am grateful and thankful. If you are hearing the BBC sounds, I will come live at around 33 minutes into the interview.

''Everyday Hustle listener Paulomi Debnath from Handmade by Tinni has shared her 60 Second Career!''

Dated: April 20th 2023

By Stylist

I contributed to a story on “It feels amazing”: 4 women on the joy and apprehension

of learning a new skill as an adult for Stylist online magazine. It is about how I picked up swimming at a later stage in my life (26) as an adult and the story behind it.

Dated: March 29th 2023

By Super Seconds Festival

Featured and joined as panelist for Super Seconds Festival on March 29th, 2023. Fabulous event where 250 makers come together to celebrate and sell their slight seconds! You can grab prints, ceramics, homeware, jewellery, kids stuff and lots more!

Super Seconds Festival

Dated: March 10th 2023

By Fashion Mummy's Blog

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is just over a week away, and your thoughts have probably turned to what to buy for your mum, or the mum figure in your life. This post contains a few ideas for gifts for mum, including some wonderful small businesses that offer something a little different from the typical High Street fair.

‘Love’ Necklace Handmade by Tinni One of the most wonderful things you can do when you send a gift to your mother, is to support a small business too. That is exactly what the perfect ‘Love’ necklace from Handmade at Tinni does. The brand was founded by artist and jewellery maker Paulomi Debnarth, and focuses on stunning pieces of jewellery that have been made using cotton rope.

Dated: March 8th 2023

By BBC Radio Essex

Topic was 'the price of stamps increasing and how that might affect stamp collectors like me moving forward'.

I am collecting stamps since I was little for around 35 years now. My collection is quite diverse and vintage you can say as I inherited my Mum's collection too. I have stamps from former Russia CSSR and even Czechoslovakia! And a lot more.

I was happy to chat about this 'uncool' hobby like a little girl and share my passion. We also discussed how the rising cost of stamps will affect my business and bottomline.

I come around 3.17 hours into the 4 hour slot and Oh, Sonia was awesome as a host.

Dated: March 8th 2023

By Microloan Foundation

We are lucky to partner up with fantastic women role models who are sharing key pieces of advice for future leaders of tomorrow. Check out their words of wisdom and let them inspire you!

#WhenWomenLead raises awareness and essential funds to support women who are facing extreme poverty. Please visit the link in bio to donate what you can and share your advice using the hashtag #WhenWomenLead. 100% of funds raised go support women in need.

Dated: March 8th 2023

By Local Life Online

Mentioned by Local Life Online as an inspirations female founded business.

''@handmade.bytinni - Meet the artist, Paulomi Debanth. Handmade by Tinni was founded to bring bold, colourful, biodegradable jewellery into the jewellery world.''

Dated: March 6th 2023

By GB News Breakfast show and Kate Hardcastle, MBE

GB News TV coverage for Love Necklace
GB News TV coverage for Love Necklace

My Best selling design, the ‘LOVE’ necklace was featured on GB News @gbnewsonline breakfast show by the awesome Kate Hardcastle MBE @realkatehardcastle .

This came from an pitch opportunity via Twitter and I am so excited that Kate shared my design as one of the chosen ‘Mothers Day Gift’ ideas on GB New Breakfast Show yesterday morning.

Kate actually started her recommendations with my product as a new and exciting find. Ethically made with cotton by a British Designer (me).

This was on the popular Breakfast show of GB News with Eamonn Holmes @eamonnholmes and Isabel Webster @isabelwebstertv

I am super chuffed! ♥️

I am also very thankful to Kate as the actual product was not delivered on time even though I did ‘next day delivery’ via Royal Mail. But she still showed my design with an image from my website. Talk about love and commitment.

If anyone here is working with GB News, my heartfelt gratitude.

You can see the episode on GB News breakfast news on 6th of March and Kate comes on around -1.14.30.

Dated: February 6th 2023

By Women's Health

I am honoured to be quoted by journalist Elizabeth Bennett for an awesome topic - ''Beauty products are more expensive than ever: Here's how it's affecting women

Inflation is coming for your beauty bag.''

Dated: February 4th 2023

By Elite Business

My brand Handmade by Tinni is in #EB100 LIST!

I’m the founder and artist of bold and sustainable jewellery brand, Handmade by Tinni.

Celebrated as one of the top performing SME Businesses in the UK, I am pleased to announce that we are a finalist in the #EB100. Handmade by Tinni has been named one of the top 100 SME businesses in the UK #EB100.

From hundreds of entries across every sector, my brand has been ranked #94 overall in the Elite Business 100 (EB100). We will celebrate at the awards evening on March 17th in London and be included in the EB100 digital guide and online directory with a viewership of over half a million people.

This is huge for my small design brand.

Check it out HERE

Dated: January 1st 2023

By IGC Magazine

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