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These Affordable Vibrant Jewellery Gifts Will Never Fail to Impress - Summer Jewellery Edit

Updated: May 17, 2022

Hello, hidden gems.

We like to think an outfit isn't complete without jewellery, and below you'll find our guide to the new brands to know, timeless pieces that will add sparkle to any outfit and jewellery trends that we love.

When it comes to jewellery, I’ve always had a penchant for pieces that feel as special as they look. While I’m partial to colourful and statement for a unique find, I also love discovering new (or just new-to-me) brands. And the ones I love most all have one thing in common: They’re all British. I’ve found that some of the most interesting and contemporary jewellery pieces are created right here in the UK by some of the most talented designers.

And the best part - All these designers are ethical and their designs are sustainably made.

These affordable and chic jewellery brands deliver on trend and stylish accessories, whatever your aesthetic. Whether you are a lover of dainty jewels and delicate studs, or chunky statement pieces, these brands offer plenty of choice.

There have never been more labels offering fun and fashionable jewellery at affordable prices. Most can enhance your everyday look are all about chunky statement styles.

I absolutely love that they are made by small independent designers like us and embrace our love for colour alike.

Joyful Jewellery for colour lovers.

Disclaimer - Handmade by Tinni has no business affiliation with these brands and this gift guide is based on my own love and admiration of these designs.

This Summer Jewellery Edit is completely impartial and we make no profit from any sale that might result as a recommendation from this blog.

With that being cleared, let's go....



The Haathi is also a regular feature in traditional Mughal and Rajasthani art. Colours for these artworks were traditionally extracted from natural materials like plants and shells, and gold and silver were regularly used too.

Inspired by this style of art, these statement earrings are made of laser-cut ivory marble & hot pink acrylic, with engraved and gold hand-painted details on the jhul (saddle cloth) and seeri (headdress).

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LOVE clashing colours? These best selling Statement Jewel Earrings have been given a passionate pink and red makeover.

The fan and frill, droplet shape components in these Statement earrings swing below teardrop shape studs. This construction means the earrings have plenty of movement, optimising the light reflecting off those teardrop shaped gold jewels.

JEWELLED is a collection of colourful statement jewellery featuring recycled textiles and iridescent and colourful gems. The layered, vinyl printed fabric components were inspired by costume jewellery.

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Dance Like EVERYONE is Watching

Mix and Match earrings


Inspired by the work of Keith Haring, Rosie wanted to make something that would give the wearer an instant lift without looking too much like they’re auditioning for CBeebies (no judgement on those presenters, but sometimes you wanna appeal to the grown ups too)

And lo, the Dance like Everyone is Watching earrings were born. They catch the light beautifully and their simple bold design adds instant appeal to any outfit.

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EMI Double Sided Statement Necklace


This is one of our absolute favourite designs – it’s just so colourful and versatile and can be worn in so many ways. This reversible necklace features mirror, frosted, glitter and solid colour acrylic shapes in blue, yellow, orange and green. It’s called ’emi’ which means ‘beautiful’ in Japanese.

The piece is made of laser-cut acrylic, birch wood, pink waxed cord and stainless steel cord ends. The necklace can be worn in 2 colour ways by wearing the necklace the opposite way round and the length can be adjusted using the handcrafted walnut wood toggle- it can be worn as a longer necklace with a maximum drop of approximately 45cm or as a shorter necklace resting on the décolleté.

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Trinity Cotton Wrapped Necklace

Colour of Garden Roses


Take your love for handmade jewellery to the next level and also enjoy an amazing piece of statement necklace with this cotton cord wrapped ‘Trinity’ Collar Necklace. Inspired by the colours of Garden Roses, this necklace is handcrafted from the finest of yarns and displaying vibrant colours. This cotton necklace will be sure to leave you feeling thrilled due to its exquisite craftsmanship!

This cotton necklace is also the ideal handmade gift! If you want to give your loved ones the beauty of a one-of-a-kind product, then this boho handmade necklace is the perfect gift! Give the gift of a bib necklace that is stunning with this cotton yarn jewellery!

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Claudia earrings


Large colourful earrings made from laser cut, mirrored acrylic. These playful earrings are perfect for anyone wanting to add a splash of colour to their outfit or any lover of fun jewellery! Mirrored acrylics used are mirrored pink, mirrored blue & mirrored yellow. Shiny & gorgeous! They are lightweight so comfortable to wear! Jump rings are gold plated and a earring post is made from stainless steel.

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Joni Studs


Semi-Circle stud earrings featuring an organic blue and red pattern. Super lightweight and effortless to wear - the perfect everyday earring.

Blue hues and dreamy days they are named after Joni Mitchell.

Part of the ICONS collection, which is inspired by a deep love of leopard print and nights spent on the dance-floor, this is jewellery designed to spark joy.

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Polymer Clay Hoop Earrings - Bright Retro 80’s Design


Polymer Clay Hexagon Hoop Earrings - A bright bold retro design - definitely feeling the 1980’s vibes with these ‘Pretty in Pink’ beauties.

This slab is a vibrant hot pink base with bold, graphic details in navy, turquoise, neon yellow & olive green. The hexagon dangle is on a silver colour hoop.

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