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Top 10 Tips on How to Care for Your Textile Jewellery

Updated: Jan 3

When we began creating our handmade statement jewellery, we knew that we had to do so sustainably. Protecting our planet is no longer an option, it’s essential. As a small business, we ensured that we're eco-conscious in every decision we make.

We absolutely adore our handcrafted jewellery collection and would like to share these simple tips to make sure you can look after your newly acquired statement jewellery and knitted home decor designs and products too.

From our Founder, Paulomi -

''I chose organic cotton as my main design medium as it is sustainable & bio-degradable, soft to wear and anti-allergic. However, cotton or any textile material needs extra care as the inherent softness leads to the tendency of getting dirty easily.

Please treat your handmade statement jewellery / knitted accessories with care, whilst it is durable, handmade jewellery / accessory still needs love and care! So, look after it well & it will last a long time.''

We recommend the following, in regards to jewellery care from Handmade by Tinni:

1. Avoid contact with water, oil, lotions, insect repellents & perfume

2. Please store away from extreme heat, strong sunlight, water or high levels of moisture & try not to drop it!

3. To keep your Textile jewellery shiny clean, always use a super soft cloth to get rid of any smears & smudges. A micro-fibre cloth, similar to the sort you get with your reading glasses is a good choice.

4. Jewellery with Magnetic Closures - Kindly open and close the magnetic clasps by holding the metal section only. Try not to pull the rope endings. They are glued and strong pull might unglue the magnets.

5. Always ensure the cloth is clean, dust free & rub lightly to avoid losing the shape of the product. For more stubborn marks, a little bit of water or baby wipe should help.

6. Remove when sleeping, exercising, or doing other physically strenuous activities.

7. Avoid contact with body oils, and other chemicals, including household cleaners.

8. Do not use chemical jewellery cleaners.

9. Do not wash.

10. Storing jewellery whilst not in use:

  • Kindly always store the word necklaces flat when not in use to maintain shape.

  • Try to keep them away from children’s hands as the shape is written in calligraphy way and manhandling can ruin the letters and / or writing.

  • Store your accessory in a cool dry place.


This is Paulomi here

I'm the artist behind this quirky little brand and my blogs are a celebration of colourful handmade crafts and everything in between. Let me know your thoughts on this blog and any new small independent brands that I should know about. 

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