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8 Indulgent Gifts for New Mums that You can Order Online this Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and you still don’t have any ideas for what you should buy for your new mum friend? Well look no further as we have composed the ultimate gift guide for your eco-conscious new mum friends and relatives!

Let's be honest, it is quite daunting to buy a perfect gift for a close friend under any circumstances and when the special occasion is related to motherhood, it is even more tough. I wanted to make this decision as easy as possible for you. Be it for a first time mum or a seasoned mother, our new mum gifts or new mum to be gifts here will be loved and appreciated by any girl. These thoughtful indie gifts are perfect to delight any age group too.

Before I begin, allow me to introduce myself. I’m the founder and artist of the bold and sustainable jewellery brand, Handmade by Tinni AND I am also a mum of 11 year old imaginative boy with a friend circle full of mums of varied age group. As an earth loving soul, the brands & products featured are all specifically sustainable, as at Handmade by Tinni, we promote living a greener life, especially around Christmas time when the levels of waste are at an all time high.

Word of mouth and recommendations have never been more important for us smalls. If you love the independent brands that are in the guide, please share far and wide!

1. Pamper Gifts:

As a new mum, your friend certainly lack the time for herself. It is a busy 'work' with little or no break. So, our suggestion would be to find a perfect pamper gift. It is difficult to make use of in the first 3 months but later, they will thank you for arranging it.

For example, you could buy a gift voucher from their local beauty salon or hair salon and make it valid for 6 months. This new mum gift will be special as no one has time in those first few months to focus on themselves but if you gift them these pamper gifts, they will use them to feel special.

2. For the Tea-lovers - Give the gift of tea

We love this 'Tea gift' from Teapro as it can please any tea lover new mums out there when they need their daily brew fix!

We take tea drinkers on a sensory journey through the world of loose leaf tea. Each of our tea subscription gift boxes contains four unique tea varieties, education about tea’s processing, history, and culture. The first box also includes our best-selling tea infuser glass.

3. Eco-friendly Slogan T-shirt - £26.00

We love this Tee from Hello Dodo as this t-shirt is 100% organic cotton and made in a climate neutral and ethical factory. We have screen-printed our design using non-toxic water-based inks. The design has been heat cured so you can gently machine wash it at 30 degrees, reshape whilst damp and line dry.

Who Run The World? GULLS! We have screen printed our most-loved seagull design in this brand new colourway - neon pink on a pale blue organic cotton unisex tee - and we LOVE it!

4. Personalised Home Decor - from £10.00

The Home Decor Words are also perfect gifts for baby's nursery or as a door sign. They can be personalised with any name or words that you would like to gift to a new mum!

This will be dear to any new mum as they are lovingly decorating their baby's room.

If you’re looking for something personalised, authentic and a little bit boho, then our custom word signs may be the perfect statement for your wall.

In our knitted home decor range, all wire word signs are customisable and I can create any word (or words) you like, They are available in 28 colours and are made from organic cotton yarn secured over shaped wire. Customers can display their custom wall signs on walls or sit them on a shelf.

Our custom word signs are very popular for use in children’s bedrooms - see our custom nursery name signs collection.

5. Colourful African print wired headbands - Eco friendly - £17.00

Any new mum friend will tell you that if they have lot of unruly hair while caring for their little baby, they certainly want that out of their face. And let's face it, who has the time to go to a hairdresser in those first 3 - 6 months!

So here comes Patchwork African Wired Headband from Mashona Designs, a featured artist from East Sussex.

The patchwork was handmade by a team of Ghanaian tailors. They rescue leftover cutoffs of fabric from tailors in the local area to create beautiful patchwork fabric.

The patchwork fabric is transformed into headband in East Sussex, each one is unique

PLEASE NOTE Orders will not match the fabric in the pictures but will be just as colourful.

All of the patchwork designs and colours will vary, due to the patchwork being made of different pieces of fabric.

They always stays in place with modelling wire for easy manipulation, a perfect way to create a flawless look quickly. Just twist and go.

Size 82 cm x 6 cm approx

Key Features

- Sustainable fabrics

- Unique

- Easy to use

- Vibrant 100% cotton Ankara Wax Cotton

- All packaging fully recyclable

6. Gifts for Jewellery Lovers:

This is my speciality area and I can really advise on how to buy jewellery gifts for new mums.

  • Material - Textile and Cotton

Organic cotton necklaces are brilliant as they are harmless to babies and also won't break if your friend's little one tugs or pulls them.

Christmas Necklace UK
Rita Necklace with Tie Back Finish - £20

Check out our special design 'The Rita Lightweight Crochet Necklace', which is designed as a tie back necklace and will not come off if the baby pulls the front of the necklace!

Textile jewellery is also good as they are harmless if the little one chew on them. It will not hurt the babies. Plus can be cleaned easily.

  • Finish - Magnetic or tieback or stitched

All three finishes are brilliant choices as a personalised gift for a new mum.

Magnetic - This will not break the necklace if the little one pulls or tugs at them. The necklace will simply open and not hurt the baby. It is also very easy-wear and quick for time poor new mums or mums to be.

Tie Back - All our necklaces can be finished without a magnet and can be designed to simply tie at the back. These statement necklaces are made in London in my studio and can be personalised with your choice of length. Tie back necklaces are great gifts as they will not open or break in case little babies pull them. Also being a cotton necklace, they will not hurt anyone too.

Stitched - All our jewellery are made to order and I can simply stitch the finish to make it really easy-wear for you new mum friend. Just leave a note when you buy the necklace to notify your preference. Every order that we deliver is handmade and sent with a personalised, handwritten gift card.

Like Creative Scrap-booking for Parents offered by Sophie from Ink & Bear.

£42.00 including 3 sessions

''Are you a parent and keen to find a little time to do something for yourself? This is the perfect class for you to find some time to make something special and meet other local parents over a glass of wine!

This three part class over three weeks will introduce you to creative scrapbooking, how to plan a scrapbook to bring you experiences to life, top tips on making it look great and ideas on how to create a special, unique scrapbook. I'll be guiding you through creating a scrapbook, from your very first pregnancy scan, through to photos of your little one(s)' important milestones.

You'll need to bring along photos of your little one and any other trinkets you'd like to include in your scrapbook- I'll be sending out information before hand to help with this! We'll also be creating special things in the classes to add to your scrapbook to make it extra special!''

I only advocate positive vibes and prints that spark joy like this one from Happy Stuff Studio.

Frida Kahlo We Can Endure quote - square giclee illustration print - £16.00

As stated by Victoria from Happy Stuff Studio

''I’m a Frida fan. There. I’ve said it. I came across this quote when I was looking for something to draw to help me out of my oh-my-god-when-will-2020-be-over funk. I added some tropical night time foliage which I designed as a repeat pattern for the Pattern Party and something magical happened. I adore this print.


  • Unframed giclee print

  • 21cm x 21cm; actual image size 20cm x 20cm

  • Printed digitally in the UK on 230gsm smooth matte fine art paper''

I hope I have given you some good ideas! We hope you got some inspiration for your Christmas shopping list especially for your new mum friend. Let us know in the comments, which gift idea you liked the most!

For more ideas on gifting (Rainbow lovers anyone!), please have a browse in our Gift sections -



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