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2022: What an year! It's time for another colourful wrap-up full of unexpected joys.

It has been memorable for so many reasons. It hasn't been easy but when was 'easy', 'fun', right? One of our greatest freedoms in life is how we react to things. And I choose to celebrate all the awesome things that happened, personally and professionally, with you.

Why? Cause, they become even more awesome when shared!

Thank you:

  • For loving my handmade designs and shopping small

  • For being clients who read my emails

  • For being supporters. FULL STOP


13. Selected as one of the UK's Top 100 Female Entrepreneur for 2022 by The f:Entrepreneur #Ialso100 List 2022! We celebrated at the House of Lords on the International Woman's Day.

Launched in 2018, the f:Entrepreneur , #ialso100 campaign is now in its fourth year and celebrates a plethora of UK female entrepreneur talent. It is a campaign to highlight, celebrate and promote incredible female entrepreneurs and share their stories with the wider community.

This award and recognition makes a brilliant start of 2022 for us at Handmade by Tinni.

It is a true celebration of female entrepreneurship and I am greatly thankful to the f:Entrepreneur and Small Business Britain team, to select me as an inspiring female leader. I am so excited to meet the other winners and share mutual support, friendship and inspiration. This is am amazing platform full of opportunities to raise the profile of the entrepreneurs like me, giving them a greater voice and access to policy makers in order to contribute to key issues impacting female business owners. I simple cannot wait to get started.

The campaign recognises business owners who wear a many of ‘hats’. As well as being a Founder & Designer at Handmade by Tinni, I also (you can see how the name came about) work in Hospitality Sales & Marketing with 20+ years of experience in Hotel sector. Who says, you cannot have a job and also a passion!!

Check out my Linked In profile here.

12. I met two of my business idols in real life this year. The indomitable Holly Tucker, MBE & TV Dragon, Theo Paphitis! I was overwhelmed by their generosity and inspirational chats.

Theo Paphitis:

I had the honour of meeting Theo at the SBS event as one of the last years winners. The event was superbly organised and so inspiring to meet fellow entrepreneurs who were also winners from previous years.

We’ve only been in business 2 years and I still work out of my kitchen table. It is great to have support from Theo because it’s been tough trying to raise our profile and Theo has recognised our hard work and helped spread the word about what we do to his following.

Theo was super kind and he even offered to hold my necklace stand so that I can hold and showoff my certificate. What a great man!

Small business champion and Ryman Stationery, Robert Dyas and Boux Avenue Chairman, Theo Paphitis, said: “We are thrilled to welcome new #SBS members every week and highlight just how important it is to support our small businesses here in the UK. My vision is that everyone who has ever won an #SBS re-tweet from me becomes part of a friendly club; like-minded individuals who can share successes and learnings. The website will also give a valuable profile to the winners chosen and I wish Handmade by Tinni every success.”

Holly Tucker:

I finally hugged my ultimate business idol.. Holly Tucker, MBE!!!


And I cannot tell you the overwhelming feeling of happiness. ❤️

👉Thoroughly enjoyed the keynote speech by Holly at SME EXPO organised by @evening.standard.

Holly you are truly an inspiration and as lovely as you are on screen. Thank you so much 😊

Holly kindly signed my ‘Do What You Love and Love what you Do’ book. Talk about an extra special early Christmas gift.🎁🌈


Key notes from Holly -

☀️Passion is the fuel

☀️The uniqueness of your brand is …. You

☀️Get comfortable with uncertainty

11. I got featured in a full page profile interview in Essex Life magazine.

As a Founder and Artist of Handmade by Tinni, I was proudly featured & interviewed in one of the most coveted national magazine - Essex Life. It is a full page interview covering our brand's journey, designer life in and around Essex, inspiration and what the future holds for Handmade by Tinni.

Essex Life is part of Archant Media Company.

If you love life in Essex, you'll love Essex Life.

It's the magazine that champions this thriving and diverse county where tradition meets innovation, while farming communities and pretty towns and villages dot the stunning landscape.

10. Exceptional things happened in my retail and wholesale journey and I am now proudly stocked at 10 + independent boutiques in US and in 20 + awesome indie shops in UK!

In 2022, our brightly coloured necklaces, earrings and more were popular in UK and US as they not only brighten up indie shops but also proved to be loved by shoppers and gift givers.

Most of the Handmade By Tinni designs are available for wholesale with discounted pricing options applicable on volume orders. We are always very pleased to work with Independent Boutiques & Stockists and bring more people to our jewellery and home decor.

You can stock our playful necklaces, statement earrings, eye-catching accessories and textile home decor in your shop. Contact us HERE!

09. In October, my double colour Poppy Necklace got featured in the Bloom Magazine - a luxury magazine for gardeners, plant admirers, curious explorers and outdoor adventurers.

Bloom is a magazine for modern nature lovers

Gardening - Nature - Inspiration

It's for gardeners, plant admirers, curious explorers and outdoor adventurers. It is beautiful and it works hard, and it looks to deepen our relationship with green spaces by being a part of them.

And to our biggest surprise, our Poppy Necklace was picked up by the editorial team this month as one of their 'Bloom LOVES'. We are super excited and chuffed to be part of the beautiful magazine.

Two-toned Poppy Cotton Necklace

Poppy Necklace is a versatile design for modern women. They are chunky colourful necklaces that are made to flaunt. Whenever you will be wearing this big bold unusual necklace, you will certainly turn heads.

And the best part is, They are handmade in London with sustainable materials.

Statement necklace at it's best.

08. As a community development work, I hosted a session as a speaker on - 'A guide to starting a business while you’re still employed' at StartUp 2022 Event in January hosted by Enterprise Nation.

StartUp 2022 was the UK’s biggest and best show for small business owners and budding entrepreneurs. It was a chance for discovery, learning and inspiration, where experts across 11 virtual stages have an opportunity to share their expertise on Friday 21 January.